The Complete Guide To Women's Fitness

exercise, diet, and self-care

Your groove called, and it wants you back! If you’re existing in the veritable vortex that is life on this planet, it’s quite possible you didn’t get the message. Not to worry! Misplacing your mojo happens to the best of us, and I can help you repair damage from the busy-wheel grind that nobody really prepared you for. I’ve created a holistic fitness guide just for you! As a specialist in women’s fitness, women’s nutrition, and behavior change, I’m well equipped to teach you simple, sustainable ways to get healthy. One decision at a time.

Start With a Focused Workout Routine

Getting off the couch sounds easy enough. So why can’t you shed that spud suit? The problem lies in our need for workout motivation. We want to want to work out because we’re already strapped with too many things we have to do. We’re just looking for something we can enjoy, not another box to check. I totally get it, and I can teach you to look forward to exercise because any workout routine for women ultimately has more to do with your mind than your body.

Create a Healthy Eating Plan to Get Nourished

Every day the nutrition world bombards us with more information about healthy diet plans than we can handle. Each new expert has an opposing opinion to the last about the best approach for women to lose weight. Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Intermittent Fasting. It’s a never-ending list. The jury is still waaaaay out on the exact best diet for women, and that’s actually OK because no one plan is right for everybody. The key to healthy meal planning begins with you, and your unique circumstance as a human.

Workout Plans for Women to Get Strong

Women’s fitness encompasses a lot of things, not least of which is strength training. I hope with all my being that your doctor has prescribed weight training for you at this point, and if so you may feel a bit intimidated. Believe it or not, many exercises begin with just grooving movement patterns using body weight. No fancy equipment or gadgets are required to build a solid foundation for strength. You can find endless workout plans for women on the internet, but which one is best? Research shows it’s the one you’ll actually do, and one for which you’ll see results.

Get Selfish

You’ve probably gathered by now that motherhood is a team sport. It doesn’t emphasize the individual and focuses primarily on the good of the group. By the way, exercising self-care of the coach is NOT an element built into the program. Even if there were a little check box for it, I believe it would be grayed out – unclickable. We fall into the martyrous scramble of duty and guilt time and again. School functions, doctor appointments, last-minute inbox crises. You name it and before you know it, you’ve under-prioritized yourself right off the calendar. Again. Learn how to stick to a workout routine by scheduling yourself first.